WBOP Junior Interclub AFTER Xmas 2023/24: Starts Sat, 17 Feb – Entries Open

Term 1 is full of junior tennis: Interclub; Waikato Bays Intra Regionals (2 weekends); WBOP club champs; WBOP/BOP Secondary Schools Championship, 20 March.

Junior interclub before Xmas was messy! This was due to not all participating clubs submitting teams by the deadline, not attending the seeding meeting, managers not recording results till the end of interclub, and managers not reading the Interclub Rules.

Entering your teams’ request(s): please ensure your ‘manager’ entry is correct (email, mobile); select your regulars in the team bit, you can select several ‘Recorders’, even the entire team to help the manager out. Make sense to select the manager’s child the ‘Captain’.

All below info also updated on the junior interclub website page:

WBOP Junior Interclub After Xmas 2023/24 – Tennis Western BOP

Junior Interclub After XMAS 2023/24:

  • Entries are open. Please read the attached ‘Interclub Team Submission Guide’ that explains how to submit your teams straight into MatchHub, online. If you have to add a player/code while doing your teams, it is super easy to ‘add player’ on the submission page. Coaches/Club captains/Junior Convenors can only submit teams by logging in with your club’s MatchHub administrator login. All clubs have one, if you are unsure of your club’s please get in touch with your Club secretary, or your region’s MH Administrator (WBOP = me; BOP = Margaret Green).
  • Green Ball will be based on same principals as hard ball interclub, but separate this time around, as less exclusion dates than hard ball divisions due to Waikato Bays Intra Regionals.
  • Orange Ball is an entirely separate interclub when you enter your teams.
  • Entries Closing Date – Team entries close Tuesday, 6 February 2024 (no alterations allowed after this date).
  • Junior Interclub Seeding Meeting – Thursday, 8 February, 12:30 pm (face-to-face, venue TBC).
  • Junior Interclub Starts – Saturday, 17 February 2024.
  • Junior Interclub Ends – Saturday, 6 April 2024.
  • Frequency, weekly.
  • After Xmas contests – Div 1, Div 2 – 6, Green Ball, Orange Ball.
  • Exclusion dates (all) – Saturday, 30 March 2024 (Easter weekend).
  • Extra exclusion dates (Div 1 – 6) – Saturday, 24 February & 2 March (WB Intra Regionals).
  • Extra exclusion date (Green Ball) – Saturday, 24 February (WB Intra Regionals).
  • Calendar details of Junior Interclub dates.
  • Seeding Format – all teams are to be entered into a contest via MatchHub and divided into divisions (#1, #2, #3) according to team ranking (teams to enter 4 regulars initially, and 2 reserves – keep reserve pool and added as needed); where possible equal amount of teams in divisions to avoid byes; sharing of one reserve pool among teams in same division, acceptable and works well.
  • Seeding Meeting (face-to-face) – Sussa will send you a team analysis of all teams submitted which club coaches and junior convenors have to print (cut) and bring to the seeding meeting (venue TBC). Teams will be allocated into divisions at the seeding meeting.
  • Division 1 – The ideal is to have teams of 2 regular players, and 2 reserves; playing 2x singles, 1x double. If your club only has one player please submit that player as a team (no need for ‘manager’), will combine kids into teams (transparent communication – parent/coach/club – guaranteed) – please make this happen in Term 1! We only need 4 teams.
  • Entry Fee – $25 per team.
  • Default Fee – $50 default fee applies.

Thank you for your support. All the very best for 2024!