Senior Interclub Before Xmas 2023/24:

    As per outcome of the last delegates meeting, website update:

    Senior Interclub – Tennis Western BOP

    • Entries are open, please read the attached ‘Interclub Team Submission Guide’ that explains how to submit your teams straight into MatchHub, online. If you need to add a new player/code while doing your teams, it is super easy to ‘add player’ on the submission page. Club captains/Senior Convenors can only submit teams by logging in with your club’s MatchHub administrator login. All clubs have one, if you are unsure of your club’s please get in touch with your Club secretary, or your region’s MH Administrator (WBOP = me; BOP = Margaret Green).
    • Entries Closing Date – Team entries close Friday, 22 September 2023.
    • Senior Interclub Seeding Meeting – Wednesday, 27 September via Zoom, 7pm.
    • Senior Interclub Starts – Friday, 13 October 2023.
    • Senior Interclub Ends – Friday, 15 December 2023.
    • Frequency, weekly.
    • Before Xmas contests (weekly) – Singles Doubles (SD), Women’s Doubles (WD), Men’s Doubles (MD).
    • After Xmas contests (weekly) – Singles Doubles (SD), Mixed Doubles (XD).
    • Note re Start/Finish date – there will be a rain-off day; suggestions to schedule finals at the same venue will be considered at seeding meeting; this will mean divisions with fewer teams will start later, so all finish on the same date.
    • Seeding Format – all teams are to be entered into a contest via MatchHub and divided into divisions (#1, #2, #3) according to team ranking (teams to enter 4 regulars initially, and 2 reserves – keep reserve pool and added as needed); where possible equal amount of teams in divisions to avoid byes; sharing of one reserve pool among teams in same division, acceptable and works well.
    • Seeding Meeting (Zoom) – senior convenors and Interclub Sub-committee members to attend Zoom meeting to go over teams entered and agree with the allocation of teams into divisions/rounds; Tennis WBOP manager to screen share entries in MatchHub.
    • Singles Doubles (SD) – Play Doubles first, followed by singles. This contest is unisex, as there are not enough entries for WSD, women/girls who want to participate in singles can enter this contest. The winners of Division 1 will win a corporate table at this year’s ATP Eves Open in December.
    • Entry Fee – $25 per team.
    • Default Fee– $50 default fee applies.